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Oh Hey There!

I'm Abbey, and yep, thats me wading through water because I saw something that I just *needed* to capture. I was the kid who brought enough disposable cameras for six months on a weekend trip, and begged my parents to get them developed right away! 

In high school I fell head over heels with portrait photography and I haven't looked back. I started capturing weddings in 2009 thanks to some friends with small budgets and a LOT of faith in me! 

My day job is filled with spreadsheets and dollar signs, but this is my first love and my passion. I love capturing who people are, not just what they look like. Finding a moment and keeping it, showing off the small details in your day, and of course an adventure is always a must! 

I firmly believe that the right music can make any moment perfect, that you can try anything three times and when everything goes wrong... thats where the magic happens! 



creating magic out of the smallest moments. 


Lets Chat!

Forest Lake, Minnesota


Lets Chat!

Forest Lake, Minnesota


I Look forward to Chatting!

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